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Flat Roof


Flat Roof Repair

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Flat roofs that need repair may have:
A loose seam or edge of an overlapping felt.

Cracks or damage appear in the roofing.

A blister in the felt etc.

Want to try to repair the flat roof your self?:

To repair them, you will need:
Sheet or asphalt roofing felt

Asphalt roofing cement

Hammer and roofing nails

Trowel (A Putty knife will do)

Roofing knife (A Utility knife will do)

Paint brush (cut the bristles off 5% will do the best job)

Locate the leak as closely as possible from inside. Place and secure the ladder, then examine the condition of the roof from
the outside.

Loose felt edges
Using a brush, clean out any dirt that may have blown under the loose felt. Using broad-head roofing nails, nail loose felt
in place. Start nailing away from the felt edge and work toward the edge to prevent making a blister in the felt. Place the
nails 1/2 to 1 inch apart.
After the felt is nailed in place, cover the patched area with asphalt cement. Make sure the cement extends 1 to 1-1/2 inches
beyond the repair area.

Blisters in the felt
Cut the blister with a knife. Fill the area with asphalt cement as if filling a crack. Continue, using the repair procedures
for cracks. (See steps 2 and 3 below.)

Cracks in the roofing
Clean out the crack and the surrounding area.

Place a thin layer of asphalt cement over the crack with a brush or roofing knife. The cement should completely cover the
cleaned area around the crack.

Cut a piece of roofing felt a little larger than the crack. Place it over the cement and press it firmly in place. Nail all
four edges on the felt piece, spacing the nails 1 to 1-1/2 inches apart. Spread another layer of cement over the felt piece.
Make sure the cement extends to 1 to 1-1/2 inches beyond all edges of the felt piece.

Deteriorated or damaged roofing
This condition is difficult to repair. Never build up or cover the old or damaged roofing with a series of felt layers. This
may change the drainage pattern of the roof and create more problems.
Remove damaged flat roofing. Clean the surfaces in and around the cut-out area.

Now cut pieces of felt to neatly fit the cut-out area. The number of felt strips placed should equal the number of layers of
felt removed. Cut the top patch 2 to 3 inches larger so that it will overlap the cut-out area on all sides.

Spread a thin layer of asphalt cement over the cut-out area. Then take the first felt strip, place it in the damaged area and
press it firmly into place. Now spread a thin layer of cement over the strip. Next, firmly press down a second felt strip.
Continue placing strips this way until the cut-out area is level with the original roofing.

After the cut-out area has been built up to its original level, spread a thin layer of cement over the cut-out area. Spread
the cement so that it extends 3 to 4 inches beyond all edges of the area.

Place the oversized felt strip over the cement and press it firmly in place. Nail the strip on all four edges with broad-head
roofing nails, and then cover with cement, making sure that the cement extends 1 to 1-1/2 inches beyond all edges.
If you can not repair your flat roof then just give us a call and will be glad to repair you roof