The Community Outreach program has been able to reach in 10 working communities (Sisipu, Ghewar, Ghyangdhada, Ghyangphedi, Bolung, Uppra, Singuchhe, Katunje Hupkhel) and additional two new Village Palikas Dupcheshwor and Likhu in with the purpose of providing literacy skills to children, women and men in Dupcheshwor and Likhu through general education, Life skill trainings, health and hygiene awareness and finally the income generation opportunities (through establishing host family among the students family) as well.

SASANE’S handmade beaded bracelet’s program is a small budget skill generation program where the targeted groups are trained to make bracelets and the products are marketed to the travelers in the Sisterhood of survivors program (SOS). These workshops are held in the remote villages of Nuwakot region with the aim of providing abut-awareness classes, as well as offering skills courses in the hopes of teaching skills that could lead to future alternative sources of income. All of the proceeds from these bracelets contribute to the Mountain Village Education program.