From 2015-17 SASANE has hosted for 1675 travelers from 40 countries and is looking forward to meeting more travelers in the future.
The Sisterhood of Survivors program has provided hospitality training and job opportunities to 37 vulnerable girls and 10 of them have been able to be a certified trekking guide.

SASANE Sisterhood Tour and Trekking Company: The tour and trekking company was started to create a responsible tourism initiative to train survivors of human trafficking as trekking guides to lead tours through vulnerable rural villages. The 10 certified trekking guides of SASANE take the travelers on a 5 day tour to mountain villages areas so that they can observe the livelihoods of local people and contribute to uplift their living standards. This initiative also supports rural villages to improve their infrastructures and aim to provide alternative sources of income so that local people can create sustainable business, and as such combat one of the root causes of human trafficking- severe poverty.